Thursday, June 5, 2014

ASTD Model

For those of who look at the ASTD Model  and are confused as to what it means...  I will put in simpler way to where you will see it after this short blog and that "light bulb" will finally go off!

Let me begin!!! 

Guess what? It is separated into TWO Parts! 

1. Foundational Competencies
2. T&D Areas of Expertise

Foundational Competencies: This is the KSA's and Behaviors that will help you become successful in your career. Remember, if you are not prominent in some of these, they can be improved so that you can have a successful career! It is always good to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.

Business Skills - These help the organization you are with. Some of these skills are being innovative, and making sure you achieve the goals that are set. Also being able to challenge yourself and thinking strategically.

Interpersonal Skills - This is having Emotional Intelligence. EI is being able to understand your emotions and the people you are surrounding by all the while of building trust. Communication is a key part because without it the organization can quickly fall apart.

Global Mindset - Diversity is an important factor. Being able to adapt to your surroundings and understanding cultures will only benefit you short and long-term.

Personal Skills - I think everyone can agree this is important in and outside of your career. If you don't have personal skills you will not be successful. Interacting positively with people and adapting with others is important.

Industry Knowledge - This is being able to stay updated within the industry you are in and keeping up with all the current trends.

Technology Literacy - This is making sure you are always up to date with new technologies and knowing how to use the technology.

I hope you now have a better understanding of the Foundational Competencies. Now let me discuss the second part which is the T&D Areas of Expertise. 

T&D Areas of Expertise: These are the areas that are more specific to training and roles. 

Change management - This is being able to have a systematic approach with teams, individuals, and organizations on transitioning from their current to desired state. In order to do so, for example be involved, give feedback, support the change and being able to manage any negativity that could arise. 

Performance Improvement - This is being able to understand the performance gaps and adjusting them in areas of improvement. Examples of doing this: Getting data when needed, monitoring the change and understanding the customer and stakeholder needs. 

Instructional Design - This is being able to develop learning solutions that will help your employees in various ways. 

Training Delivery - This is being able to delivery training in a way that will be engaging and effective for the employees. 

Learning Technologies - Using technologies  is a great tool to teach employees and develop a way of training that is a good solution. 

Evaluating Learning Impact - This is being able to identify and interpret the different measures of learning solutions. 

Managing Learning Programs - This is bing able to give substantial leadership and developing training projects and activities that will manage multiple things, and ensure that they are being done in a helpful manner. 

Integrated Talent Management - This has to do with building the culture and maintaining it. Some examples that will be done are organizing resources and making sure that there is efficient management systems put into place. 

Coaching - This is being able to help others and improving their strengths while establishing trust and honesty but making sure you still meet the organizations guidelines. 

Knowledge Management -This is being able to recognize intellectual property and collaboration. 

Well I hope you now have a better understanding of the ASTD Model! It is a beneficial model to understand in which it can help improve yourself and the organization. This model will provide you a great start for a road map to have success in your career! 

Her Goal In Life Is To Become CHRO

Who is Alyssa Drennen?

I am dedicated and a very hard worker! Why hire her instead of someone else? The facts listed below state why I am unique and what makes who I have become along the way. Also below is my skills that I currently have and my list is continously increasing. My dream job is to become a Chief Human Resources Officer one day. I have set many goals for myself and fortunatley I have surpassed all of them. So one day, I will be a CHRO.

Hard Skills: 

Project Management: I am able to plan projects to stay on track and be in communication with staff and process improvement. 

Budgeting: I am good at budgeting and in order to do so, I am responsible for all areas of budgeting and what needs to be approved for department. 

Contract Negotiator: Communication is a key skill I have for this and also have my best intentions to make the best valuable decision for employees. 

 Using Office Software: I am more the efficient in all Microsoft Softwares and will use these to be organized and more advanced in the above categories. 

Business Writing: I am efficient has writing reports and plans, and with this I am efficient at research so that my reports have the correct information. 


What am I best at? I am best at communicating with others.

What do others say I'm good at? Others say I am good at keeping my motivation and staying within deadlines. 

What does my job require me to be good at? I need to have efficient computer skills in Microsoft software and quickbooks. 

What matters at my job and do I have the right skills to excel? Our clients and deadlines matters. Keeping projects on a timeline. I would like to think I do have these skills to excel. 

Am I playing to my strengths in team settings and making my team ore successful? As much as I want to say yes, I can't say I am. I have so many ideas and things I think could be done to improve the business but my dad will not listen to my ideas. He is in an "old school" mindset and doesn't understand that he can make his business more successful than ever. 


Strong work ethic: This is very important to me and without it I don't think I could succeed as I do. Only because many people lack in this skill.

Good communication Skills: I have great communication skills. It helps me get things done and I can ask questions when I am in need of help. 

Being good at reading people: I know if someone will be in a great or horrible mood, that will then tell me how to act around them or communicate. 

Team Player: Many brains is better than one!! 

Sense of Humor: This is important because you will be able to relax and let things go when things get difficult or having a bad day. 

Portland - This is where I was born and raised. If I was born somewhere else, the things I'd like to do and how I live would differ.

Oregon Innovations - This is a business I own with my dad. I have learned a lot and it has changed me as a person I never thought was possible. I have learned the difficult ways in business all the while of gaining knowledge. 

 OI Property Investments - This is a company where we have investors. I have come across the good, the bad, and the ugly in this industry.

 Contractors License - While getting this I gained knowledge and while taking this it educated me for becoming a new business owner in the industry. 

 Real Estate License - I am currently studying for this and school has helped me tremendously. This will help with the current business I own and increase my knowledge in the housing market. 

 Doernbecher - I had a sister die when I 8 years old of a brain tumor. I wouldn't be who I am today for what I went through and losing my sister at such a close age. In high school I rallied the whole school to donate new stuffed animals for all the patients there and give it to them during christmas time. This brought so much joy to me. I also am planning on volunteering there once I graduate from college this term. 

Bought a home at age 24 - With having all the knowledge that I do with the businesses I was able to buy a home which is a huge accomplishment for anyone! Owning a home has been an experience for sure and my husband and I are still learning the ropes on being home owners.
Wife/Mommy to be - Being a wife has changed me as a person and because of it I have been less selfish. I learned that your other half makes a difference in your life. Since I have found out I'm going to be a mother, I have been even more less selfish and I didn't know it was possible.

Portland Community College - This is where I started my education. I was not the greatest kid when I was younger and I finally realized I wasn't going to get anywhere in life without education. I found a program called "Gateway to College" that was a scholarship program that helped kids achieve their high school diploma. I soon got my diploma and a year later got my Associates Degree. 

10. Portland State University - Once I got my Associates Degree I transferred to Portland State University and double majored in Human Resources Management and Management/Leadership. I never imagined I would be graduating or even getting my bachelors. Through all the tribulations i have gone through in life achieveing my bachelors has shaped me into a completely different person than when I first started. I'll be graduating Spring 2014 and will be starting the next phase in my life as a career.